ARCHIVED at 10 October 2015

creative practice. a bit randommm. busy with new tech (old, I know…) like smartphones, instagram and all that stuff. blogs that are getting grey, maybe creating roots. unknown works. increasing love on each project. maybe a son will be born out of that. a ray of son. Here’s an old blog: ; now I’ve started a tumblr on photo too (only three pics, need to digitise the polaroids):; Canela took her first polaroid with my camera! How cool is that? It must mean something, right?

There’s this idea of Caravaggio and a kind of a sensual atmosphere with tissues and bodies and chiaroscuro. There’s also music, which is getting old too:;

New things in my veins,  flashes of light, drawing notebooks and apps. Can’t share everything. Sharing online is becoming overrated. Amateur, like Hal Hartley.

My recent favourite one: fotografiaI’m also into other stuff, like family and bed time videos: Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 09.18.26