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Some of the work I have been doing for personal purpose. Contact me for more details.


Some of the work I have been doing for promotional purposes. Contact me for more details.


Screenwriting Workshop by YOU

Do you like movies? Do you like to write? When you watch a movie, do you wonder how it all started?

Write for the Screen is an 12-hour workshop that will answer all your questions. In 6 sessions, you will have an Introduction to Screenwriting.
With a hands-on approach, a lot of practical examples and writing exercises, you will be able to transform your ideas into the magic of Film


Everyone is invited to participate, especially those who are eager and/or interested in writing for film.
Sessions are held in English. The use of English writing is required, but it can also be complemented with the use of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
Minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 15.


•To make a first approach to the cinematic art of writing;
•To explain the methods, techniques and real use of the screenplay;
•To work on practical writing exercises, in which the participant will understand the artistic extent of the screenplay.


Bernardo Camisão studied Sound and Image at the Catholic University in Oporto, specializing in Screenwriting. He studied at Sint-Lukas Hogeschool in Brussels under the supervision of Belgian screenwriter and director Marc Didden. Bernardo is a Member of the Board of the Portuguese Society of Writers and Playwrights. Founder of the film screening “cinemainvisível” in Oporto. Creative Director of Utopia Filmes, Lisbon. Bernardo has worked with the following production companies: Madragoa Filmes, Hop!, Zed Films, Utopia Filmes in Portugal; Eyeworks and Caviar Films in Brussels. He has collaborated with the directors Manoel de Oliveira, Rodrigo Areias, Pedro Flores, Alexandre Cebrian Valente, José Nascimento, Nicholau Breyner, Miguel Gaudencio and Eric Lamens. Collaboration at Max CV! in Brussels supported by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. Bernardo finished in 2011 his short film Should The Wife Confess?, present at the Cannes Film Market 2011 and currently at the New York Film food Festival.

DATES (Wednesdays from 19h00 until 21h00)

1st session: 23rd November
2nd session: 30th November
3rd session: 7th December
4th session: 14th December
5th and 6th sessions: in January, to plan directly with the students


The cost of the workshop is of 185€.
A deposit of 50€ to be paid before the first session.
10% discount for inscriptions before the 16th  November; a 10% discount for Hub-members.


Contact me at: bernardocamisao [at] gmail.com or at 0477 066 945

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CARLSON REZIDOR training videos delivered! Think Planet Initiative will kick off with videos produced by Webbit Films.

Missing Children Europe – the promotional film is finished. Joint Press Conference with MCE, Google and Webbit Films to present the film on the 25th May!

“Should the Wife Confess?” @ Culinary Cinema of the Berlin Film Festival 2012

“Should the Wife Confess?” @ Caminhos do Cinema Português

“Should the Wife Confess?” @ the International Funchal Film Festival

Webbitfilms.com is online, with two short films by me + two others coming up, by my talented partners Paul Arinaga and Natalie Hill


“Should The Wife Confess?”  selected for the New York Film Food Festival.



“Should The Wife Confess?”  selected for the International Vila do Conde Short Film Festival.


Should The Wife Confess?” will be present in the ShortFilmCorner in Cannes, 2011.

Check this project at: www.shouldthewifeconfess.com

Check out the trailer:

The film and dance experience “Coffee Loop” nominated for the ONE MINUT FILM FESTIVAL in Ghent.


check it out: